For our clients in the area of strategic communication we develop communication strategies which contain the goal analyses, the audience insight, defined messages and channels, communication action plan, but also the monitoring and evaluation plan.

Communication strategy development process starts with communication audit, and ends with operational communication strategy and understandable list of activities which client needs to undertake in order to achieve set goals.

In the area of communication management, for our client, we develop internal processes and procedures of communication management and process management, with the aim to improve client’s relations with key stakeholders.

Crises communications are separate area, within which we develop strategies, principles, methods and planning techniques, but also communication management in crises situations.

Public Relations are so much more than just media relations. We assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Event Management
  • Media Relations
  • Employee Relations
  • Client Relations
  • Relations with Government and Non-Government Organisations
  • Digital Content Development
  • Content Development of Publications
  • Team Building

Addressing the requirements and needs of our clients, we offer Digital Marketing services, including creation, administration of social media channels, content development, online communication strategy and tailor-made campaigns.

Educations and trainings

Our trainings include a range of disciplines and best practices. They are designed to intertwine but also to guide you and advise how to continue with your activities! Trainings are open for everyone, and we listen to your needs.

We deliver training at our facilities, but we can organize them at your offices. Trainees will learn about the best practices in communication strategy, communication campaigns, media relations, internal communication, crisis communication, digital media and communication management through the development of their skills for both traditional and digital media. Find out more in our catalogue. – Catalogue