Crisis and Us

Did we need a crisis to start thinking about how to communicate in a crisis? Honestly, the answer seems to be YES!

Our phones never stop ringing, emails arrive non-stop, and it seems that everyone suddenly remembered that they need crisis communication and that it is high time to prepare plans for communication in crisis situations and even education of crisis communication teams.

Do not get us wrong, we love to work ? and that is the most important thing, but really, did this global pandemic have to knock on our door so we could start thinking proactively. ☹

Anyway, we go further, we prepare, we prepare others and so on every day from scratch – the definition of crisis, the definition of communication, why is crisis communication important, communication rules, 5C, strategies, the golden hour, plans and so on…until the end.

We are often asked if withdrawal and silence are the best tactics. Communication, as the basis of everything, tells us that this is the wrong approach. In doing so, we need to think about bi-directionality, goal achievement, social responsibility, and reputation management.

Another thing, which is, perhaps, a little controversial; namely, when we talk about a crisis team, the question arises as to who the members of the crisis team are, because those people need to be willing to take on responsibility, which is anything but small, in times of crisis.

We live in a time when the news cycle is 24/7, we all want all the information right away, and that is especially true during a crisis.

Preparing a crisis plan for communication can be the perfect exercise for team building, but a crisis plan should be an operational plan that will connect all aspects of the business. The same goes for government institutions, civil society organizations, but also the real sector. No one is immune to the crisis and COVID-19 showed us that.

Sometimes, it is enough to know the difference between “urgent” and “essential”, but we must also not forget that every crisis is an opportunity, especially an opportunity for change.

We at Rent a PR Consulting Agency are communicators and it is in our nature to always be ready and open to changes, changes that will bring us something good, even in these times of crisis. ?